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Corporate seminars

We have extensive experience in providing one day and half day seminars for corporate clients, often we are brought in to help improve confidence through personal safety training for employees, as well as providing perspectives on dealing with conflict management within the workplace.

We help to forge greater employee moral through our team building & interaction initiative. 

Through our unique teaching style our experienced instructors create a safe and fun environment for participants to role play various "volatile" scenarios and explore existing beliefs regarding personal safety beliefs.

Our seminars are the perfect blend of conceptual and practical approaches to Personal Safety and Self Defence training. 

Our corporate day seminar covers the following topics

- Enhancing personal safety through greater awareness & avoidance

- The art of verbal de-escalation and body language

- The threat of drinks spiking/drugging 

- The psychology of an aggressor

- Fear managment 

- Adrenal stress and  the human body

- Legalities of Self Defence

- Practical applications and methods

- Scenario replications and role play.

- And more!

"The course went very well and the feedback was very positive. Everyone enjoyed the practical element of it and were pleased that it was very inclusive of the whole team. Everyone was very pleased with Mark as the
presenter too!"
- BP Explorations Sunbury 

Please                       to discuss your requirements. 

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