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Frequently asked questions

What style or type of Martial arts do you teach?



Despite being life long practitioners of various Martial Arts and Combat sport based disciplines, what we teach within our seminars is a combination of applicable life skills and physical based practical gross motor skills that can be implemented even under the most intense situations and hostile surroundings. 


The skills needed to be proficient at Martial Arts take many years of dedication and regular practice. There is certainly a place and time for Martial arts training and it has countless benefits for the practitioner, however in our opinion the realms of effective Personal Safety and Self Defence training requires a different approach and mindset to Martial Art training. 


Our programme serves as the ideal foundation for better Personal Safety and works well as a stand alone method for Self Defence training or it can also serve as an essential tool used in conjunction with other training paradigms.

How fit do I need to be in order to take part in the physical activities of your seminar? How intensive are they? 

It is not necessary to be at a high level of fitness for our workshops. Our sessions are aimed at all women of all abilities. We can adapt certain aspects of our programme to cater for physical injuries and limitations. 


Please get in touch with us directly if you have a specific query regarding your suitability to participate at one of our seminars. 




Are you sessions age restricted?


Currently our seminars have a minimum age of 11 years old, as some of the content is not suitable for very young children. 

I have previously trained in a particular Martial Art would this experience help in the physical components of your seminar?


Yes - It may be beneficial to you since you may have developed good coordination and motor skills from practicing a Martial art previously. 

Whatever your level of experience and background, as long as you come to our seminars with an open mind and a willingness to experiment with different concepts then you are most welcome to attend our seminars. 


I am not naturally an aggressive individual and the thought of any confrontation intimidates me, would your sessions be at all suitable for me?

Yes absolutely! Our programme is designed specifically for everyday people especially women and younger girls. The majority of participants are ordinary individuals just like us who want to learn new strategies to keep themselves safe. 

By participating in our seminars it will allow you to experience situations and emotions in a safe environment. You can also decide to what degree that you would like to partake, but those who decide to fully commit to our programme feel a real sense of achievement at the end of the session. 

But you are not expected or forced to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. 


I have been a victim of crime in the past would your seminars be suitable for me?

We have experience of working alongside a number of individuals that have been victims of crime, violence and sexual assault. 

We believe that if an individual feels ready to take part in our workshop, it could aid the healing process. 

However like all of our participants everybody is free to take part as much or as little as you want. 


We do advise consulting with your GP, therapist or councillor if you feel that you may want to attend one of our seminars but unsure if it is the right time for you to do so. 


Please feel free to get in touch directly to discuss the matter. 

Are you sessions tailored specifically for just for women?


Yes Warrior Self Defence sessions are tailored specifically for females. However Mark has experience teaching both men and women throughout his career. 

Get in touch for more information. 



Do you teach children and youths?


Yes we do. The programme that we teach children and youths are a modified version of our existing programmes that take into account a number of social factors that are specific to young people. 


Do you teach in schools, colleges and universities?


Yes that is something we do and excel in! The seminars we conduct in schools, colleges and universities are very specific and relevant for respective students.

Have a look at our section on School seminars for further information. 



What shall I wear and do I need to bring any equipment with me to your seminars?


Please wear comfortable clothing and foot wear that is suitable for physical exertion (i.e. trainers, flat shoes, active wear etc).

Is there anything else I may need to bring to your seminar?

Please bring water to keep you hydrated, light snacks for the break.

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