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School seminars

We provide half day seminars for secondary school, sixth form/colleges and university students with the main focus on providing tangible strategies to increase individual confidence whilst enhancing individual safety. We are experienced in teaching entire year groups and also cater towards smaller groups, we can arrange a time either within school hours or after school and even weekends to coordinate a seminar for your school.

Our main aim is to help students move beyond the fear of potential violence and abuse, through our purposely designed youth programme we show students how to minimise the risk for dangerous situations and how to effectively conduct themselves if confronted by aggressors and volatile situations. 

We approach Personal Defence training sessions for students from an easy to learn and grounded perspective.

We seek to provide the most concentrated and concise information that is fully applicable from the outset.


Our teaching style combines effective non-physical and physical based responses to Self defence training.

We also discuss topical issues such as 

- The Dangers of social media

Youths and Knife crime

- Personal boundaries and the right to say "No!"

- Drugs, alcohol and Personal Safety

plus many more important topics!

We do not believe in teaching convoluted or complicated systems for Personal Defence, instead we focus on using natural movement and dynamics to better help students understand how best to use their bodies as defensive weapons against aggressors. 

Currently we only offer separate seminars for male and female students as much of the material is gender and age specific

Please contact us to discuss booking a seminar at your school or if you have a specific query. 

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