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Womens Self Defence participants
Teenager Self Defence participants

"I really enjoyed our self defence session with Mark! I was nervous beforehand as I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but Mark and his wife made us feel really comfortable and it was a really great atmosphere and environment. The techniques we were shown were practical, easy to do, and easy to remember. Two months on from the session, I feel that I could confidently demonstrate the vast majority of what Mark taught us. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!"

- P.L (seminar participant)

"Being a victim of a horrendous knife attack around 15 years ago has left me physically and mentally scarred. By working closely with Mark over the last several years it was allowed me to help regain my confidence and has definitely aided with my healing process. 

Mark is very professional and his relaxed teaching style really allowed me to fully absorb the information delivered. Highly recommended. Thanks"

R.S. (one to one client)

"Thank you so much for the session today. I can't tell you how much happier

I feel even just simply walking down the street. It's been a very scary and confusing experience. So truly, I will forever be grateful. Today was a very big step forward for me. Thank you for making that possible.

You are a brilliant teacher and made something quite daunting and a huge emotional trigger easy yet focused and full of incredible valuable information. to know this is possible and is something I can now do fills me with much confidence." - P. (one to one client)

"Mark was amazing today! I was a little nervous about what we might have to do today and whether or not I'd be able to handle being shouted at if we had to do role-play - I've been a victim of drug rape when I was younger and domestic violence quite recently. But Mark created such a comfortable supportive atmosphere between the group right from the start that I actually surprised myself with what I was capable of doing. He really knows how to get the best out of everyone and got the balance of toughness, sensitivity and humour just right. Thanks!" V.C. (seminar participant)

"My husband said it was significantly better than he was even expecting. He said that he particularly admired how Mark the instructor was able to use such a wealth of training and discipline to recreate the reality of a threatening situation. while encouraging participants to put their "all" into it, thereby gaining the benefit of a full immersion experience. It was definitely an eye opener for him!:" - Liz T. 

on behalf of Richard T. (seminar participant)

"I didn't have any idea that I could be so strong. My body took over and my mind turned off! I thought Mark had an amazing way of putting across the information in such a memorable and exciting way. The seminar was absolutely perfect and I enjoyed every single minute of it." - C. Richards (seminar participant)

"We had a great session with Mark, he was fantastic! 

It was a really good session and he was great dealing with the range of people, every one of them has come back saying how brilliant it was! We shall spread the word far and wide. Thank you". - A (seminar participant and course organiser)

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