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The Warrior Self Defence (WSD) programme is brought to you by husband and wife team Mark and Heidi Ganaden, their real life and professional experiences have helped shape their perspectives on how to deliver an effective Personal safety/Self Defence programme that is fully rooted in reality and that is easily applicable for everyone. 


As parents both Mark & Heidi’s focus on Personal Safety is always paramount and they both live firmly by the concepts that they teach within their sessions. 

"As a mother and practicing midwife I am deeply passionate about the safety and wellbeing of women and children."

"My line of work has allowed me to share some truly special moments with many people however the reality of life has also shown me the sad and challenging times that women go through.

Many fight their battles on their own, whilst some can feel powerless to stand up and make their voice heard, let alone able to make positive changes in their lives.

I believe through our self preservation and personal defence work we can help build greater confidence within individuals to help them move beyond fear and to create a safer and authentic life." - Heidi

  • Warrior Self Defence Instructor.

  • BSc Midwifery

  • Personal trainer REPS L3

"Effective Self Defence skills are more than just techniques or skills used for confrontations, rather through constant environmental awareness and by taking precautions on a consistent basis we can all create an enriched life free from fear." 


"My experience of teaching Self Defence spans over 15 years which includes teaching at schools, corporate establishments, inner city rejuvenation projects and charity work. I have been fortunate to have worked closely with women and children from diverse backgrounds in the UK, India and South Africa. 


"I feel fortunate to have been part of many people’s journey of empowerment through their training in Self Defence.

Nothing fills me more with gratitude and fulfilment than to be a facilitator for helping others to overcome fears associated with crime, violence and abuse.

Watching people go through their personal transformation is truly a very humbling experience!" - Mark 

  • Warrior Self Defence Head Instructor

  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Hard skills instructor certified by Dennis Martin.

  • VIP Private Security Operative

  • Personal Trainer REPS L3

We are Dedicated to your personal safety 
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