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SAFETY talks

We specialise in delivering hard hitting personal safety talks that not only challenge current perceptions on crime, violence and sexual abuse but also serve as an effective catalyst for personal development. 

The duration of our talks are 60 to 90 mins in duration and are ideal for groups who wish to explore the non physical aspects of personal defence training with the emphasis on understanding the mindset required to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

We raise awareness on a number of topical issues that are relevant to the safety of young people and adults, whilst critically analysing current  “common sense” perspectives relating to personal safety.


Our experience within the field has revealed to us that many individuals have skewed and unrealistic ideas when it comes to personal defence, our presentation style allows for participants to consider the information provided and change their mindset.

Previously we have delivered safety talks to corporate, schools, local residents and community groups.

Some of the topics we cover:

- Youths and knife crime in the UK. 

- Drug assisted crime and sexual assault.

- Personal safety considerations for travelling abroad.

- The dangers of cyber bullying and social media

- Threat management in the workplace. 

- Protecting yourself and your children. 

Please feel free to                      to book a Personal safety talk or to discuss specific requirements. 

Personal Safety Self Defence talk
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