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Public Seminars

We hold regular Public Seminars at our locations in Guildford, Cobham and Ashtead Surrey. Our seminars are accessible on the mainline railway from London Waterloo and accessibility from the M25 via the A3 and M3. 


We provide seminars that are taught within a framework that will allow participants to assimilate the information through live demos, role play scenarios and active participation throughout the seminar. 


The teaching style of our sessions are informal yet provide concise and applicable information that encourages an open forum for group discussion


These sessions are designed to develop a simple yet effective mental blueprint for all participants to work from whilst also unlocking natural inbuilt instincts and primal skills designed for effective Self Defence. 


Although a large part of effective Personal Defence is rooted in physical methods and techniques, we believe that it would be irresponsible and ineffective to focus on these components alone. We pride ourselves on taking a multilevel approach to your Personal Safety, we therefore provide you with applicable strategies rooted in psychological, behavioural and social dynamics


We are certain that after you have immersed yourself in our Self Defence/Personal Safety programme you will have a a renewed perspective of how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


We run two types of seminar formats

(i) an Intensive seminar open to the public that is ideal for those who wish to experience a streamlined version of what we teach. Ideal for those looking to enhance their skills and are restricted for time. 


(ii) Our immersive programme ideal for corporate, schools and private groups. This format allows us to teach our entire curriculum and is the perfect follow-on after attending our Intensive seminar. Duration approximately 3-4 hrs.                      

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