We are on a mission to empower as many women and children as possible to live their lives free from fear and to maintain a greater sense of confidence throughout life.

We are down to earth and deeply care about your personal safety and those you love. We are advocates against violence, bullying, sexual harassment and antisocial behaviour that endangers the safety of others.


Our seminars enable participants to overcome limiting beliefs in their ability to deal with violent confrontation. With no non-sense, easy to implement skills to protect themselves.

Warrior Self Defence (WSD) are committed to teaching realistic and applicable methods for enhancing Personal Safety for Women and teenagers.

We are based in Surrey and teach seminars to Schools and Corporates in London and surrounding counties. 

We hold regular Public seminars in Guildford, Surrey. 

our core


"Making a difference!"

As a family run business we understand how time is a precious commodity. For many

 it is a restraint in being able to dedicate additional focus and energy outside the family and working environment.


We provide programmes that are practical, easy to learn and will give you greater confidence  with your own personal safety habits in a matter of hours!

We cut out the misconceptions and complicated aspects that surround the topic of Self Defence and only teach methods that are tried, tested and fully grounded in reality

One of our objectives is to give you an insight of "the reality of physical confrontations" whilst maintaining the highest standards for the health, safety and wellbeing of each of our participants. 

With 15 years worth of experience teaching seminars and front line security operations, know you are in safe hands! 

Stay safe.


Personal Safety seminars for you and your loved ones!

The WSD seminars were created as a response to the rapidly changing threats and antisocial behaviour within society. As an organisation we feel passionate about educating women and children on how to stay safe. Our seminar content is always evolving to address the issues and threats of living in modern day society. 

No matter your level of experience our seminars are the perfect environment for you to explore your own capabilities within a safe and friendly atmosphere. 

Many of our participants are pleasantly surprised with the amount of confidence and skill they gain in a very short space of time. 

Book now below to start your Self Defence training!

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