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UNITED WE STAND against global violence

Warrior Self Defence is proud to support the global work of the charity ACTION BREAKS SILENCE (ABS) that seeks to eradicate gender based violence. The charity has been prolifically working tirelessly in South Africa and India over the last 5 years to not only raise awareness of the sexual violence inflicted on individuals, but provides educational programmes free of charge to help create changes in society. 

Currently Action Breaks Silence teaches women and girls empowerment & Self Defence workshops alongside empathy workshops for boys aged 10 to 13 years, currently the charity has provided 47,500 women, girls and boys training free of charge.

Mark Ganaden has worked extensively with Debi Steven the founder and president of Action Breaks silence towards the charity's objectives. Mark has previously taught in India and South Africa as well as playing a key role in helping to educate and train local residents in Soweto and Kerala to become instructors and facilitators of change for their communities. 

By supporting Action Breaks Silence, you are taking an important step towards opposing VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN globally.


  • A donation of £12.50 will provide a place for a boy or girl at an Empathy or Empowerment workshop

  • £50 provides 4 places for a boy or girl at an Empathy or Empowerment workshop

  • £150 is the average weekly wage of our local instructors and facilitators in India and South Africa

Registered Charity Number: 1,158,744

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