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As parents finding practical and grounded insights towards Personal Safety and Self Defence is hard.


Our instructors are fully experienced and CRB cleared.

We create a safe environment for the training to take place and use industry leading, purpose built protective equipment to ensure safety at all times. 

At real Self Defence we go against the grain, can be unconventional but we arecompletely grounded in reality and practical in our approach to Personal Safety training. 


Upon hearing the words “Self Defence” it often brings to mind a number of images and words associated with this terminology, the majority of the time people think about the physical components of Self Defence (usually associated with some type of Martial art) combined with “common sense” approaches/tips for protecting and keeping yourself safe. Often individuals readily accept the Self Defence perspectives of what certain “experts” teach but rarely question or even incorporate logic to what they are being taught. 


Most of what is taught out in the public domain as “Self Defence just does NOT cut it from a realistic and practical perspective and often is misleading. Unfortunately much of what is taught is also lacking in effective research and development. 


Personal Safety and Self Defence training should be approached in a number of practical ways

-Straight forward,easy to understand and 

-Focus on behavioural and psychological 


Often simple but important considerations like energy, verbal, personal space and body language is not even discussed let alone implemented within most Self Defence paradigms within the mainstream consciousness. 


We provide our participants with real methods for Self Defence. We pride ourselves on teaching a no nonsense approach to Personal Safety and Self Defence training. Our participants develop cognitive and physical skills that enhance overall self confidence and allow them to make better choices to stay safe and avoid volatile situations.


We equip our participants for “worse case scenarios” where we explore various volatile situations that involve elements of risk and violent encounters through role play and live drill exercises.



“Keeping it real by going against the grain, logically.”
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